European Go Journal

Continuation of the Project

Mar 15, 2022
Project plans

Dear friends,

It's been almost three weeks since Russia started a war against Ukraine, my homeland. I feel sorry that I cannot volunteer to help my country practically - I must take care of my family with two small kids. Nevertheless, I decided that I will keep working on the European Go Journal and 30% of my income will be donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As long as the war continues - I hope not long - for each edition of the EGJ I will write a few words on what is going on in Ukraine.

As always, I invite all of you to contribute: send in your artworks, photography, a story about your favorite place to play go, and anything else that you feel like sharing. The March edition will be published in early April!

I don't know yet when I will be able to provide the printed version of the EGJ, maybe even after the war is finished. If you are subscribed to the printed version, I advice you to switch to the digital one. If you get your digital version, in the future you will always be allowed to pay the price difference and get your print copy. If you don't switch to the digital version, I will send you your print copies of the Journal as soon as I have an opportunity to do it.

It was a hard decision to make, but for now we will not have any Russian contributors at the European Go Journal.

Many thanks to all of you for not unsubscribing in this difficult time!