European Go Journal
65th European Go Congress Announced – To be Hosted in Leipzig, Germany Jan 12, 2023

Announcement of the 65th European Go Congress, which will take place in Leipzig, Germany, accompanied by an interview with the Congress Director René Scheibe

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Happy Holidays, Subscribers! Dec 25, 2022
Seasonal greetings from Artem Kachanovskyi 2p, Editor-in-chief
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European Go News: European Go Congress 2022 Sep 22, 2022
An interview with Cătălin Țăranu 5p, the main organizer of the 2022 European Go Congress

An interview with Cătălin Țăranu 5p, the main organizer of the 2022 European Go Congress.

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Continuation of the Project Mar 15, 2022
Project plans

Announcement of continuation of the project.

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A message from Artem Kachanovskyi, the editor-in-chief Feb 27, 2022
Project plans

Artem's plans on continuation on the project.

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IZIS AI Go Board Feb 11, 2022
IZIS AI Go Board

An article on an AI goban device that looks like a real go board and can be played on with normal stones, but at the same time has a built-in AI automatically recording your games, offering various levels of opposition and providing many other features.

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Ilya Shikshin 4p Wins European Grand Prix Finale 2021 Jan 31, 2022
European Grand Prix

An overview of the European Grand Prix, a report on the Grand Prix Finale 2021 and a brief interview with the winner - Ilya Shikshin 4p.

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Lukáš Podpěra 7d Wins his Sixth Go Baron Title Jan 09, 2022
Go Baron

An article on the “Go Baron”, a Czech title with three ounces of gold as the prize, and a brief interview with Lukáš Podpěra 7d – the title holder.

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Ilya Shikshin 4p Wins Eighth European Championship Dec 12, 2021
Ilya Shikshin

A report on the European Championship 2021, written by Artem Kachanovskyi and Jean-Yves Papazoglou.

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Online European Youth Go Championship Brings Together 131 Participants Oct 25, 2021
European Youth Go Championship

Overview of the online European Youth Go Championship 2021 and commentary written by the tournament organizers - Cătălin Țăranu and Damir Medak.

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Kovaleva and Surin, European Pair Go Champions for the Seventh Time Oct 04, 2021
Surin and Kovaleva

A report on the European Pair Go Championship 2021 accompanied by an interview with Natalia Kovaleva 5d - one half of the championship pair.

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Interview with Mateusz Surma 2p Jun 05, 2021
Mateusz Surma

An interview with Mateusz Surma, 2 dan professional of the European Go Federation.

Mateusz tells a wonderful story of becoming a professional go player and creating go business - Polgote, a company that sells go equipment, offers go lessons by a variety of teachers, and organizes go events.

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New Chapters Need your input Jun 04, 2021

An announcement of the two new chapters of the European Go Journal: "Favorite Place to Go" and "The Journal Answers".

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Go Club License - Making Distribution Easier May 29, 2021
Go Club License

A process of distribution of the European Go Journal under the Go Club License policy is getting simplified.

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