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Artem Kachanovskyi 2p

Artem Kachanovskyi

Artem started playing go at the age of seven. In 2016 at the age of 23 became a professional go player of the European Go Federation (EGF). Winner of various go tournaments such as Grand Slam, European Professional Championship, Silk Road tournament. See Artem’s profile on the EGF website to find more information about him.

Artem is the editor-in-chief of the European Go Journal. He writes and compiles the content. Artem also manages communication, printing, publishing and many other tasks.

Ian Polak-Kime 4k

Ian Polak-Kime

Ian Polak-Kime moved to Poland for true love and stayed for his mother-in-law’s Christmas pierogis. An avid go player in his younger years, he is excited to get back to the game he devoted so much time to and finally achieve a 1d ranking on any server or with any federation that will have him. He is currently rereading Toshiro Kageyama’s Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go and spending time in the forest with his wife, two dogs and a baby girl.

Ian proofreads the content of the European Go Journal.

Matt Partridge 10k

Matt Partridge

Matt Partridge is a Brit living and working in Paris who started playing go in March 2021. With a degree in German, he now spends his time tackling French, playing the cello and trying to find moments here and there to play a game or two of 19x19. He joined the Journal team in June, and does his best to catch the odd spelling mistake and split infinitive the other editors leave in the articles to test his attention to detail.

Dai Junfu 8d

Dai Junfu

Dai Junfu is one of the top amateur go players in Europe. He learned go at the age of six. Living in France since 2007. Five-time French champion and eight-time winner of the Paris Meijin. Author of French go books Chûban (2010) and Yose (2013).

For each edition of the European Go Journal Dai Junfu contributes one chapter from an amazing series about the Thirty-six Stratagems, illustrating tactics used in warfare through examples from games of go.

Camille Lévêque 2d

Camille Lévêque

Camille (Cami) Lévêque is a French illustrator and teacher in agricultural high school, living in Grenoble. She started playing go in 2018 in Toulouse. Passionate about go from the start, she specialized early on in one-color simultaneous games. Camille has been drawing go-artworks to promote the game in Europe and America since 2019, under the pseudonym Stoned on the Goban. She is also involved in the organization of go events and projects, such as the World Women Team Conquest. Camille teaches go at the Grenoble Go Club.

Visit Camille’s website to support her by placing an order in a store or sign up to Stoned on the Goban Patreon page for receiving exclusive goodies each month!

Camille contributes artworks to the Art & Photography chapter of the European Go Journal. Her illustrations are often used for the cover of the journal.

Alizée Chabin 10k

Alizée Chabin

Alizée Chabin is a French watercolor painter, also known as Kalyptane online. She is a caregiver in a retirement home by profession and an active member of the La Rochelle go club. She enjoys mixing two of her passions: go and making watercolor paintings. Alizée began to practice painting in 2016 and trained urban sketching several hours a week at nearby markets, shipyards and iconic monuments. Since 2020 she illustrates the cover of the French go journal (Revue Française de Go).

If you are interested in Alizée’s art, visit her blog.

Alizée contributes artworks to the Art & Photography chapter of the European Go Journal.

Mykhailo Kachanovskyi 4d

Mykhailo Kachanovskyi

Web developer. Responsible for building this website.