European Go Journal

About the European Go Journal

The European Go Journal is a monthly journal about the game of go, officially supported by the European Go Federation (EGF). It was launched in February 2021. The journal is compiled and written by Artem Kachanovskyi, 2 dan professional of the EGF, and co-written, proofread and designed by his Team.

The EGJ is a roughly 50-page A4 magazine featuring the following go-related topics:

  • Recent go news - focused mainly on Europe but including major events from around the globe.
  • Game commentary.
  • Interviews with go players.
  • Art and photography.
  • AI studies - analysis of fuseki and joseki with superhuman go computer programs.
  • World of Tesuji – Remarkable moves from professional games.
  • Problems and answers.

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Along with the journal, subscribers receive a collection of recent go game records played by professionals for study.

The digital copy of the first issue (February 2021) and November 2021 are available for download free of charge.

If you want to receive issues of the journal and support the project, there are two ways to do so:

To learn more about delivery of the journal, see our Delivery Policy.

Forms of distribution

Digital edition

Digital edition of the journal is delivered via email and consists of the following files:

  • PDF file of the journal;
  • archive of games used in the journal (SGF files);
  • archive of pro games (SGF files);
  • PDF file with pro games (suitable for printing);

The files and their contents are for personal use only and should not be shared or distributed further in any form.

Printed edition

The printed edition of the EGJ is delivered by post.

When you purchase a printed edition of the past issue or subscribe to the printed edition of the EGJ, you will also receive the digital edition in your email (see above).

The EGJ is printed on matte paper. Additionally, the cover has a layer of matte lamination over it, so that your fingers won’t leave prints while holding it.

The price of delivery is included in your subscription, there are no extra fees to pay.

Go Club License

Go Club License

Go Club License is the way to simplify distribution of the EGJ in a go club or any other organized go community.

Under the Go Club License policy, a representative of the go club pays for themself plus the other members of their club. They receive the digital edition of the journal via email and share it with those members of the go club for which they have paid. In the process of redistribution, it should be specified explicitly that the files and their contents are for personal use only and should not be shared or distributed further in any form.

The price per reader for each issue of the journal received under the Go Club License policy is half what they would have paid individually.

You can see the list of the go clubs subscribed to the journal via the Go Club License at our Statistics page.


Contribution to the European Go Journal is welcome! Let us know if you would like to share something with the readers of the EGJ. For example:

  • Report on the national championship of your country.
  • Art and photography related to go.
  • An article about your go club.
  • Impressions from participating in an international go event.
  • Research on a specific board position.

Feel free to think outside of the box. Does your idea not fit the above categories, but you think it would be good for the EGJ? Send it in anyway! Your input is appreciated. Feel free to contact us.

Payment methods

Supported payment methods are listed below. If you would prefer to pay via PayPal, contact us for the details. If you would like to make an order on our website, but none of these payment methods fits you, feel free to contact us and we will try to figure out a solution.

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