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Go Club License - Making Distribution Easier

May 29, 2021
Go Club License

Last month the European Go Journal announced a new kind of subscription: the Go Club License. Its goal is to simplify the subscription process for members of go clubs when it comes to the digital edition of the journal: one member of a go club signs up and distributes the PDF-file to his fellow club players.

The Go Club License offers a 50% discount: go clubs that subscribe to the journal pay €2.50 per month per member in comparison to the standard fee of €5.

For more details see the "About" section of our Patreon page.

Initially we set up the Go Club License in a restricted way so that the journal had to be distributed via URL by a go club representative and had no option of downloading, printing or sharing.

We realized that the comfort of our readers and ease of file sharing are more important to us than protection from piracy. This is why we reconsidered our approach; from now on it is allowed to share the files with the other members of the go club, under one condition: please make sure that your members are aware that the files are for personal use only and not to be distributed to others.

We aim to create as flexible and comfortable conditions for our readers as possible. Instead of setting up limitations and rules, we prefer to trust our subscribers and to let them enjoy the PDF files. Our hope is that you will all value the work we put into the creation of the journal and respect our policies.

At the moment three go clubs are subscribed to the European Go Journal through the Go Club License:

  • the Educational Center of Go Game "Crazy Samurais" (Poland, 16 members)
  • Go Club Praha Mustek (Czech Republic, 5 members)
  • Weiqi Club Prague (Czech Republic, 4 members)

We wish for a happy and fruitful cooperation with go clubs all over the world!