European Go Journal

A message from Artem Kachanovskyi, the editor-in-chief

Feb 27, 2022
Project plans

Dear friends,

A few days ago Russia started a full-scale war against Ukraine. You might know that my home is in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Don't worry - my family and I are in a safe place now. We left Kyiv yesterday and moved to my native city - Rivne. It's around 300 km to the West, and so far it's silent here.

Unfortunately, the February edition of our magazine will not be published at the beginning of March. Given the stressful situation with safety, I didn't have time and power to write it completely. However, I plan to publish the March edition in time - at the beginning of April. No worries, you will not be charged again on March 1st - I paused the billing cycle for 1 month. Thank you for understanding!

I am not sure yet how it's going to be with the printed version. Everything is left behind in Kyiv - envelopes, postal stamps, etc. Also, at the moment Ukrainian postal service doesn't deliver abroad at all. Hopefully, it will be possible to overcome all of these difficulties soon, I will keep you posted.

Until the difficulties with the printed version are solved, we plan to turn off the option of buying a printed version of our magazine on our website, but the digital version remains available.

In any case, I don't plan to stop the project - in the worst case the journal will be published only in a digital form for a while, and if the safety situation degrades further here - I will postpone the continuation of the project.

Let's hope that peace will be restored soon!