European Go Journal

Free Access to November 2021 Edition of the European Go Journal

Mar 28, 2023

This month marks two years since we published our first edition back in February 2021, which has always been available as a free sample. We have come a long way since then and our product has significantly improved. As a result, our team believes that our first edition no longer perfectly represents the quality of the content we currently create. To celebrate our second anniversary, we are offering a new edition of our magazine as a free sample – November 2021 edition!

This month Jan Simara won the 7th European Professional Qualification and was certified as a 1-dan professional. In the above-mentioned edition, we wrote about the previous Qualification tournament, published an interview with its winner, Stanisław Frejlak, his commentary on one of the games he played and much more. Our goal as ever is to provide the go community with regular and high-quality content, we hope that non-subscribers enjoy this taste of our work!